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In the shadows of moonbeams and the moments between the stations of the clock-face is born the home of the fae, Moonflight.  Woven throughout time Moonflight is both eternal and ephemeral, as it is born with the rising moon, it fades again with the coming of the dawn.  When the first rays of the sun begin to chase the flickering buildings of the town away its residents, the strange fairy folk that populate it must step through time to the next moonrise or the next.  For that reason, they value only what they can hold in their hands, to carry with them in their journey, or the  bargains of power and fealty that they can make with their fellow fae.


Greatest among the fae are the Jacks, strange and terrible, they are those who have managed to garner the greatest powers from their fellows across moments untold.  It is by those powers of fealty, weird debts and twisted contracts that the Jacks take their places as leaders of the constant steps and movements that define the fae, known as the dance of the fae.

The Jacks are arbitrary and venal in their ways, they lust for power over their fellows above all else, but to admit to such desires would be to offer an advantage in their convoluted and torturous dealings.  As such they have, over the ages,

come to exchange power beyond the ken of mortal minds over a multitude of seemingly petty exchanges, the flights of birds, falling of raindrops or the clattering of dice.  In our own age they have come to pass power with the turning of cards in a courtly game, so closely tied to the fates of their homeland that it is known simply as Moonflight.

The rules and patterns of the game are tied intimately to the current position of a given Jack in the hierarchy of Moonflight's court.  Each brings their own cards, woven with their own personality and powers.  To craft a card is no small thing, it is to hand the opponent knowledge of plans, aims and ambitions and the struggle is eternal to create new choices that can gain power without offering it to another.

With every hand of Moonflight the next leader of the dance for an age is chosen.  The turn of each card is a moment of infinite import...

   ...or just as likely none.  Only the Jacks can know.

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