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Pukeapocalypse is a nasty, violent, nihilistic, foul mouthed, narrative campaign skirmish game. It’s punk, it’s horrible, it’s full of puke, gore and grue. It knows lots of rude words and it likes to use them. The apocalypse has already happened, all your scumbags will die, and they’ll have a thoroughly unpleasant time doing it.

There’s no god, there’s no hope, there’s a shit-ton of vomit, and it’s all gushing your way.

Pukeapocalpse is a miniatures agnostic narrative skirmish level game. It is designed to encourage kitbashing and campaign play for two or more players and last about 45 minutes to a session.

Players will take around five Scumbags in a 28mm scale through a tsunami of radioactive stomach acid.

Coming out from Exalted Funeral this summer. Follow along here:

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