The first deluxe expansion for SSO, The Rage of Montalbano will be launching with a Kickstarter early in 2020.  It will come with a Challenge deck after which the expansion will be named where a rival captain, passed over for the world saving mission that the Omega was selected for, has weaponised his own command and is coming for the Omega.


In Rage of Montalbano the challenge deck will form a second ship, attacking the SSO ruthlessly and relentlessly, appearing from the darkness of space as it suddenly uncloaks, phasers blasting.  Such a situation would generally leave the crew of the Omega helpless since the SSO has no attached weapons.  Happily, the deluxe expansion also comes with an additional location to be added to the ship, the shuttle, a location able to move to other points in play.  While the shuttle will be handy for a range of missions, allowing movement and repair from the outside of the ship, in Rage it will allow crew to engage in a boarding action against the attacking ship.  Can the crew shut down the other ship before the Omega is destroyed?


Aside from a new Challenge deck and additional location The Rage of Montalbano will add additional crew to the SSO’s compliment but will generally upgrade the experience of playing SSO.  Crew tokens will be replaced by easy to grasp meeples, voting tokens by hard wearing plastic while both oxygen and morale metres will be replaced by individual player dials.  The original SSO rulebook has been extensively re-written with feedback from fans and extended with examples and diagrams for increased clarity.  The whole expansion will come in an extended box able to hold not only all SSO cards released so far fully sleeved but also a set of divider cards to keep your Challenge decks in order and the original SSO box, either to keep tokens safe or so that you can fill and use the smaller pocket sized box when out and about.




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