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The Rage of Montalbano Deluxe Expansion, which successfully funded on Kickstarter in October 2020, upgrades the SSO experience on every level with wooden meeples to replace crew counters, plastic voting tokens and dials for oxygen and morale counts, all contained in a box big enough to contain your entire SSO collection safe and sleeved with section dividers.  It expands options and extends the confines of the ship with new crew and locations and adds another story to the universe of SSO with the Rage of Montalbano Challenge Deck.


The SSO core rule book has also been extensively adapted and extended based on player feedback from SSO fans resulting in a manual replete with examples, diagrams and explanations covering every eventuality.  Check out the changes side by side here.

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Montalbano graduated top of his year at the academy and was favourite for the position of captain to the world saving Omega, the most prestigious command in history.  Unfortunately psychological testing indicated certain tendencies that saw him passed over for command, a mistake that he saw as potentially dooming mankind.  As such he took control of the Omega's sister ship, weaponized it and sought to claim the Omega by force, an attitude he is more than willing to extend to the rescue mission.

Ruthless, brilliant and narcissistically megalomaniacal Montalbano is the greatest threat that the Omega has yet faced.

So at least that testing's working.

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The new form of Permanent cards in the Rage of Montalbano Challenge Deck become locations, building Montalbano's ship as it uncloaks to attack the Omega.  Crew can attempt to desperately repair the damage done, but the attack will 

quickly overwhelm the defenceless Omega if allowed to continue.

So its a good thing its not defenceless anymore.

The Omega might not have torpedo bays or laser banks, but the new location for the Omega, the

Shuttle Array and its new crew, the Space Walk Specialist, will allow crew to move to locations they wouldn't otherwise be able to reach. 

Rage example Loc and Crew.png

Who's up for a boarding action?



the rage of montalbano
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