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Our Second fan-chosen expansion is the weird and furry world of the Wonder of Wubs.


The Omega has been carrying out a range of experiments based around applying cosmic radiation to small, cute, furry creatures. No one is really sure why exactly, but it was probably important. As a side effect of the radiation they're now breeding so fast that life support is struggling to keep up and the ship is being choked. This would be a stupid way to die.

Wubs Challenge Example.png

Alien threats take many forms, from insidious parasites to armor plated killing machines, but in a deep space tin can with limited oxygen simply existing and breathing can be more than deadly enough. Oh, plus the Wubs might be psychic.

Wonder of Wubs uses the token and permanent mechanics to simulate a ship infested by small creates who choke and block the ship. Sometimes psychically attacking players, sometimes simply stopping them from maintaining the ship. Intentional or not, dead is dead.

Too cute to live.

Wonder of wubs
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