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Our Third fan-chosen expansion brings the terror and fury of the Classis Caetera.


The Omega Is transporting a valuable payload of genetic information that could advance military and medical research by centuries. Unfortunately, the genetic information is contained within a living, semi-indestructible, alien killing machine that is not taking well to being transported. Control, contain, survive.

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None of the many threats to thus far assault the Omega have had the brutal savagery of the Classis Caetera, they actively hunt crew through the ship, tracking, stalking, hunting and killing. Permanent cards drive their movement and increase their threat.


Happily, the crew need not go un-reinforced into their encounter with the deadly alien, as a Deluxe Expansion it comes not just with a Challenge Deck but with crew and locations. The crew in question being the Vet, an expert in xenobiology with their cat. Represented by two markers rather than one the Vet may exchange markers freely at the start of any phase. In trouble? It was just the cat.

Poor Kitty.

Not just new crew, but new locations come with the alien predator. The Omega is maintaining a range of vital plant life within the Bio Dome, connected to the ship by the Vents. The Bio Dome is a new sort of location in SSO with two active sides it can't be shut down, although you may wish it could. Its starting version provides all crew with two personal oxygen, a powerful effect, but it then flips to its far less helpful side as the plants within grow and spread. Not just that but since there are three versions of the Bio Dome each with a different flipped effect players won't know which will be coming. Is the power worth the payment?

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