Jack O' Words and Names

"... so announce deceit and sing o' shame,

Since words belong to the Jack o' names..."  

                                             - Trad. Children's rhyme.

All the Jacks of Moonflight are strange, esoteric beings but even among them the Jack O' Words and Names is a unique entity. On one level it takes the position of Moonflight's record keeper, librarian and historian but beyond that Words and Names is the records and history of Moonflight. History has a weight to it, a force of direction and destiny, and when enough of it accumulates no single individual can contain its totality. Moonflight is the eternal city, eternal both of past and every future and its history is infinite, too much even for the strange and awful Jacks of Moonflight. He who controls the past controls the present and so the future, thus the lure of power that Words and Names offers is rich and heady to the lustful courtiers of Moonflight. The tale of history always consumes them, as it does us all, but for a short time it becomes them and they it, for a short time every tale is theirs to tell, every name theirs to call. Even a short time of total power, even a few bars leading the dance, is a powerful temptation and the entity that is the Jack O' Words and Names cares little either way. The fay come and lives go, the Jack O' Words and Names remains, story to tale, past to history, mouth to mind, heart to soul.

The Jack O' Words and Names ​is a card drawing power house, with hand extension and manipulation capabilities. However in the early game its deck both contains few low price cards and requires a few foundation cards on which to build its engine. Once established it can draw and play at a hugely increased rate and by the "turn" it should have experienced a few rounds of true power. If the opponent fails to keep the market dealing out Words and Names will have its choice of cards and once its engine is running at full rate it can be almost impossible to reign in again. Post the "turn" Words and Names has lower scoring cards although they can score more of them than the other Jacks. By expanding their hand they can trigger the end game more quickly but their card trashing targets their entire hand, making their end game about editing, controlling and adjusting their hand. The post "turn" game becomes about finding a way to forget, deciding what to forget when and hopefully chaining a series of memories and losses to discover the true power of Words and Names.


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