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Temporal Anomaly Challenge Deck: Challenge Cards and

Missions Guide


The following guide goes into further detail on the specific Challenge cards and Missions found in the Temporal Anomaly Challenge Deck.


Temporal Anomaly has an unusually high number of Challenge cards that activate more than one mission.  Remember, if one of the missions listed on a Challenge card cannot be activated, either due to already being face up or even removed from the game then none of the missions that it lists will be activated, although the rest of the card will be activated as normal.

There may end up being more than one mission 6 face-down in the game when another card activates only one of them, in this instance the Ranking player chooses which to activate, though they should do so without looking at the card before activating it.


Challenge Cards:

Vent Oxygen:

Try to reduce General Oxygen by living Crew ÷ 2 rounded up.


  • Remember the oxygen is decreased to a minimum of 0. Only face up Crew count as living but Crew in Cryo Pods still count as living for either Vent Oxygen card. Reduce by 3 for 5-6 Crew, 2 for 3-4, and 1 for 1-2.


Maintenance Report/Supply and Report/Search and Report:

Try to move a Rank Token on its Crew card onto another Crew’s Crew card.



Try to move 2 Rank Tokens on their Crew cards to another Crew’s Crew card.


  • Mission Control are asking for a report on crew member’s status. To move a rank token the player controlling the highest ranked Crew member selects any 2 rank tokens currently on their matching Crew cards and moves them to the Crew card of their choice. Only rank tokens currently eligible for voting are legitimate targets for these cards. Since to reclaim moved rank tokens for future voting Crew must use the Radio Pod this Challenge card’s effect will cause Crew to want to use the Radio Pod whether it triggers a Mission or not, representing their making the requested report.


Time and Again:

Try to return missions 1, 2 and 4 to the game.  Try to flip missions 1, 2 and 4 face-down.

Again and Time:

Try to return missions 3,5 and 6 to the game.  Try to flip missions 3, 5 and 6 face-down.

  • If the missions mentioned have been completed and removed from the game they must be found and returned, face-down to the game.  If an active mission is flipped face-down it does not count as having failed and all voting tokens on it are returned to their Crew card.


Future Echoes:

Place a token on a randomly determined crew.  Place a token on a randomly determined location.  The tokens count as all tokens listed on any missions.  Gather all unused mission 6 cards players own, add 1 face down to the game.

  • This card requires plays to go through their collection of SSO challenge decks and gather all mission 6s from all decks and add one of their choice to the game.  Tokens are added to crew and locations because this card will now activate the added mission 6 and several of them refer to specific tokens placed by the cards activating them, these placed tokens make sure that they will have something to refer too, although they may transpire to have no reference.


Chrono flickers:

Return all missions removed from the game to the game.

  • This includes missions that have been added to the game by other Challenge cards and then removed on completion (such as multiple mission 6s).


Memories of Green:


If a mission is aborted, trigger its punishment effects.

  • This effect is in addition to the normal loss of morale of aborting missions.  The SSO quick start guide suggests always triggering punishment effects when aborting missions to save learning an additional rule, if using this rule do not perform the punishment effect twice.


Eye of the Anomaly:

Activate Mission All Available

  • This Challenge card will activate all face-down missions.  If there are face-up or removed missions that does not stop this card from activating all face-down missions, since they are not considered available.



1 – Search Pattern

Fail – Mission Guide = 0

Punishment – Try to reduce all Crew Morale by 2.

Succeed – All Crew in different Locations.

Reward – May flip 1 Challenge card.

Mission Guide – 0 1 2

  • The Crew need to search the ship as well as they can, to do so all living Crew need to be in separate Locations during the Check Phase step 6. They need to achieve this only once, not for the full count of the Mission Guide.


2 – Emergency Oxygen Protocol

Fail – Mission Guide = 0

Punishment – Try to reduce General Oxygen by 4.

Succeed – All Crew Personal Oxygen = 1+.

Reward – May increase General Oxygen by 6.

Mission Guide – 0 1 2

  • This Mission activates when something is amiss with the oxygen system, in order to reboot the system all Crew must have Personal Oxygen as a safety measure in case when they switch it off and on again it doesn’t turn back on. All living Crew need to have Personal Oxygen, even if in the Cryo Pod. The punishment reduces oxygen to a minimum of 0, the reward to a maximum of the set up level and players can refuse the reward if they feel it is to their advantage.


3 – Full Status Report

Fail – Mission Guide = 0

Punishment – All face up Mission’s Fail conditions count as fulfilled.

Succeed – 0 rank tokens on this Mission.

Reward – May flip 1 Challenge card.

Mission Guide – 0 1 2

  • This Mission requires that the Crew who voted for it remove their rank tokens from it therefore using the Radio Pod to succeed, representing them making their full status report. Note that this Mission’s punishment causes all other Mission’s fail conditions to count as fulfilled, it does not cause them to instantly fail, simply that they will fail during the next Check Phase.  


4 – Re-align Solar Arrays

Fail – Mission Guide = 0

Punishment – Try to flip 1 Solar Array.

Succeed – Crew in every Solar Array, minimum 1.

Reward – May flip 2 Challenge cards.

Mission Guide – 0 1 2 3 4

  • Remember that face down Locations lose all qualities except colour, so face down Arrays do not count as Arrays and need not be occupied to complete this Mission, nor can they be flipped face up using its punishment. Intentionally shutting down Arrays with the Computer Module to make this Mission easier is a viable tactic, though note that 1 must remain face up to be occupied. 


5 – Strange Days

Fail – Mission Guide = 0

Punishment – Activate all face-down missions.  Try to place 1 rank token on each face-up mission.

Succeed – All mission guides = 1, minimum 2.

Reward – May add any 1 mission face-down to the game.

Mission Guide – 0 1

  • This Mission requires careful manipulation of Mission Guides using the Radio Pod.  Remember that May means the reward can be ignored if players wish, though note that players can return a mission whose win conditions are already complete and succeed in them and claim their reward in the same phase.  If rank tokens cannot be placed on all missions flipped face up by the Punishment effect they do not automatically abort, this is not voting and is done to ensure that missions based on having rank tokens on them will not automatically complete. 


6 – Hawtin’s Anomaly

Fail – Mission Guide = 0

Punishment – Shuffle 1 face-up challenge card into the challenge deck

Succeed – Mission Guide = 5.

Reward – May flip 2 Challenge cards.

Auto: Try to reduce this Mission Guide by 2

Mission Guide – 0 1 2 3 4 5

  • Players should be aware of the unusual Auto action on this mission.  If the punishment effects trigger they may shuffle they are free to choose the challenge card to return to the deck.

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