Kickstarter: Little Things To Do

I wrote recently about a few things that don’t seem to help your Kickstarter anything like as regularly or as much as some people would suggest, and it occurred to me that there are a lot of little things that do contribute towards your Kickstarter being successful and that mentioning them might be helpful. The single thing that you can get right that will determine the success or failure of your Kickstarter will be the presentation of your page, it is that which will sell your project. There are several big things you can do here which I’ve written about as have others, but I’ll list here because you can never say them too many times: Have a sensible goal for what you want to do Have a ba

Kickstarter: Little Things Not To Do

A Kickstarter is made up of a hundred little things. Some take two seconds to do, are totally free, and will positively affect your results, I’ll be writing about those in the next blog. Others, despite being accepted wisdom in some cases, can have at best double-edged effects and at worse are expensive for little or no appreciable change, those I’m writing about here. At core there are two things that will attract the majority of funding and backers to a project, the content of the game or product in question and the content of the Kickstarter page itself. Very little other than those two things will shift a project from failure to success or back nor from one category of success to ano

A Song of Tales Designer's Diary: Origins

A few years ago, now I was at a wedding of a close friend and I ended up in a conversation with a stranger at my table centering on two things, that I was a game designer and that I lived near Canterbury. The stranger asked if there were games based on the Canterbury tales, I said that there were, but none that captured its spirit. It was that conversation that lead me to begin designing our latest game, A Song of Tales. As I said, there are games based on the Canterbury Tales, but they tend to be about moving along the path of pilgrimage, either as a race game or a resource management game of sin and faith. None (that I know of) attempt to create, or re-create the sort of game that the C


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