CE Marking:  The General Product Safety Directive

I’ve said a few times in this blog series that one of the big reasons to get CE marking is that everything produced for sale within the EU falls under some form of legislation and at least with CE marking you know what it is. In preparation for a Podcast with BGDL I’ve finally tracked down what exactly it is that you operate under without it, namely GPSD 2001/95/EC. GPSD stands for General Product Safety Directives, and if your product doesn’t fall under CE marking guidelines or other more specific guidelines (such as pharmaceuticals) then that’s what covers it. First, to make it clear, there are two actual options for your game in relation to safety marking: You put the CE mark on it, and

What Ho! And Away We Go

The latest in our series of downloadable skirmish games is What Ho! Its also the first to not have a free option, costing a minimum of 50 whole English pence so while I always post a blog when these games go up I thought this one would be extra important. The game comes in three formats, the full set which costs £1, the Farce only option for 50p or the Murder Mystery version for 50p. What Ho! is a skirmish game which is mostly non-violent, its set primarily in the roaring 20s of P. G. Wodehouse and Agatha Christie, but really could be used to create any farce or crime based story from Raymond Chandler to Dumb and Dumber. The initial inspiration for What Ho! was pretty much the fact that w


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