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What Ho! And Away We Go

The latest in our series of downloadable skirmish games is What Ho! Its also the first to not have a free option, costing a minimum of 50 whole English pence so while I always post a blog when these games go up I thought this one would be extra important. The game comes in three formats, the full set which costs £1, the Farce only option for 50p or the Murder Mystery version for 50p. What Ho! is a skirmish game which is mostly non-violent, its set primarily in the roaring 20s of P. G. Wodehouse and Agatha Christie, but really could be used to create any farce or crime based story from Raymond Chandler to Dumb and Dumber.

The initial inspiration for What Ho! was pretty much the fact that while the vast majority of life, art and literature contain conflicts that are non-violent, by far the vast majority of conflicts in skirmish games contain conflicts that are not only violent but also fatal. I feel that tabletop miniature skirmish games have been stuck in time for a while now and the main reason is that they only ever tell one sort of story in one sort of way, so What Ho! began life as an attempt to tell a new sort of story with an old sort of game.

Secondarily, I’m a huge P. G. Wodehouse fan, and everything about his books should be translatable into a game, there are clearly defined characters in characterful locations each needing to achieve a series of well delineated actions while everything is matched against them. Conversely Lovecraft, who I’m also a huge fan of, has books where nothing should be translatable into a game, with threats both undefined and invincible and failure essentially both inevitable and painful. Despite this there are a huge number of Lovecraft based games and a total lack of Wodehouse based ones, though I’ve long felt this is because Lovecraft has been simply translated into a range of things to kill. Either way, I’ve been tinkering with a Wodehouse game in few iterations for a while now, What Ho! went back and forth between being a skirmish game and a boardgame, but boardgames are a lot more expensive to produce and play while skirmish games cost only some hosting, my time and a few minis to create