The UKCA mark for independent games designers

I’ve written a few times about CE marking for independent games designers and people have found it reasonably useful ( For those who are not aware, a CE mark is logo that the EU demands you place on your product to sell it legally within the EU (yes, irrespective of the age limit that you print on that game or if you market it as a collector’s item), and the EU have set out a series of directives laying out the safety testing you should have in place before being able to place the logo on your product. Back in 2016 the UK voted to leave the EU, this is going to take place at the end of 2020 so from the 1st

Self Fulfilling Cancellation

Another good man down. Today I saw a good project that was on its way to a tight but achievable funding cancelled. Reasons were given that I don’t really understand, and again I saw the reactions on social media that Kickstarter is only for the big companies, that its only a pre-order system, that its not for the small or independent creators anymore. So, this is something of an open letter to small independent creators and something of a rant to the world at large, but it boils down to one simple idea, see it out for goodness sakes. First of all, there is a place on Kickstarter for small independents, I should know, I’m a small independent and I’ve found a place on Kickstarter. I post proje

How Not to look for Work in the Gaming Industry

We’re not a big company, to be honest, we’re barely a company. What we are is two people who hire a handful of other people to make a handful of games and occasionally a little bit of profit. Despite that we still get people looking for a job contacting us in one form or another. We do hire a handful of other people, and are open to hiring more. We’re usually on the look out for artists and a reliable rulebook editor would probably be a nice name to add to the list, but generally we reach out to those people rather than the other way around. However, we’d like to make a few suggestions about how and when you reach out to people when looking for work in the gaming industry, if you choose to d

The joy of a massive re-write

I recently had a playtest with Mike Hutchinson (Gaslands, A Billion Suns, Perilous Tales) of a game that he was planning to release (and I think by the time this gets posted, has released) in the compilation magazine Blaster. We absolutely tore the game a new one, pretty much everything in it needed changing and pretty fundamentally too. I was talking to Mike after saying sorry if it was demoralizing, but that the game that it could be should be fun. His response was very indicative to me of what makes a games designer, he said “I don’t understand designers who don’t enjoy this part.”. What he meant there was that he now had a whole list of changes and alteration that were definitely better


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