Games For A Family Christmas

I am a huge believer and advocate for the fact that there is a game for everybody. We live in a golden age of boardgames and don’t believe anybody who tells you otherwise. I am entirely confident that if presented by an open-minded individual who claims not to like boardgames I could change their mind by introducing them to some of the games currently available. However, hitting a non-gamer with the entirety of what has entered the hobby gaming scene in the last couple of decades is borderline cruel, so how best to introduce them to the wonder of our hobby? Well, there are a few ways, the one I’m going to suggest here is to use an ‘if you like x you might like y’ approach, focussing on aspec

Things Learnt From SSO To Moonflight

Hopefully with each Kickstarter, and each game, we’re learning a little something about how to do this right. As such, between our successful Kickstarter for SSO and the one for Moonflight we’ve picked up a few lessons. In actuality we’ve picked up a whole bunch of them but there are a few that I can offer as useful tips here, aside from the ones that I’ve previously mentioned in other blogs. Download eXtrudy Producing physical components for your game is extremely useful for attracting backers. Its also tricky or expensive, sometimes both. Hiring sculptors can be very costly, especially for an item that could well be a stretch goal that is never reached. Generating even a basic STL file for

Skirmish game design diary: Mean Street 2084

I’ve recently been signed on to write a series of one-off miniature wargame scenarios for miniature wargames magazine. I thought people might like to hear a little bit about my process in writing this series of articles since it’s a little unusual to be commissioned to write skirmish games in this way. The first article ‘Mean Streets 2084’ appeared in the April edition of Miniature Wargames, released in late March, and it was set out in a brief to be a 2-player skirmish game with 10-30 models a side set in a sort of 80’s B-movie dystopia. It would feature on one side an elite paramilitary super soldier police force backed up by heavy duty combat robots and on the other a series of low-down a

Advertising For People Who Don’t Know Anything About Advertising

Advertising is hard. As much as some people like to mock the idea of being an ad man, getting back what you paid on advertising via conversions is extremely tough. My position on paid advertising for a small independent producer is this, don’t. It’s a job for experts and if you’re not one (and since you’re reading a blog called ‘for people who don’t know anything about advertising' I think its fair to assume that you’re not) it’s a good way to lose money fast. Its also insidious because advertising comes with unseen and non-monetary benefits such as exposure and brand awareness, which are great and valuable, but they can lead people who don’t really understand the process to self-justify a f

Collecting SDJ: Part 6

For those who have been following this largely masochistic project, which is to collect, play and review all of the winners of the Spiel Des Jahres, you’ll have noticed something of a slow down in the rate of pick-up. As stated at the start I’ve decided to not just go out and order them online whenever I like, I’m either picking them up second hand or having them given to me as gifts. At first picking them up in second hand shops claimed a lot of the easier options, plus I snagged a good few in convention bring and buys. For some reason the smaller cons have stopped providing me with options there (though UKGE keeps playing a blinder) so a lot of the progress is now down to the traditional g


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