Alternative Rules: 7+ players and limited vision/motility players for SSO

There are a few alternative ways of playing SSO not outlined in the Main Rules for various reasons, they are listed here. 7+ players: SSO is balanced in difficulty for 1-6 players and its intense narrative style will generally not suit very large groups or "party game" play. That said, there is no technical reason 7-12 players can not take part. Later expansions will allow sets to be combined to accommodate any number of players. To play a single base set with 7+ players, deal each player 1 face up crew card during set up and pool the face down cards such that any player may unfreeze any crew member during a death phase provided there are still face down crew in the pool. Do not increase oxy

Brutal Deluxe

Should we manage to release the various Challenge Decks there are a series of deluxe expansions planned for SSO. Since the ship in SSO is modular, built from a series of connected cards we can extend the ship out as and when we will. As such each deluxe expansion will consist not only of an entirely new Challenge Deck but one or more additional locations. The planned deluxe expansions at the moment are: Emergency: including locations "Vent" and "Escape Airlock" and the deck "Postlethwaite Maru". This allows crew to evacuate the ship during extreme emergencies. Externals: including locations "Vent", "Shuttle Airlock" and "Shuttle" and the deck "Montalbano". This will allow crew to shift aroun

Things Emerging

Emergent narrative is a term for the story telling that occurs outside of what's written specifically into a narrative. For example, in a comic book or graphic novel, what happens between the drawn panels is emergent narrative. It forms a significant part of most story telling and the creator/audience relationship. In table top games it explains why you rule over a kingdom of quite so many mines or why your deck of supplies arrive in the order they do. SSO has a significant amount of emergent narrative. For example, in SSO missions are not solutions. Something happens, such as the ship venting oxygen, which triggers a mission requiring crew to load personal oxygen so that they can cycle the


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