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Brutal Deluxe

Should we manage to release the various Challenge Decks there are a series of deluxe expansions planned for SSO. Since the ship in SSO is modular, built from a series of connected cards we can extend the ship out as and when we will. As such each deluxe expansion will consist not only of an entirely new Challenge Deck but one or more additional locations. The planned deluxe expansions at the moment are:

Emergency: including locations "Vent" and "Escape Airlock" and the deck "Postlethwaite Maru". This allows crew to evacuate the ship during extreme emergencies.

Externals: including locations "Vent", "Shuttle Airlock" and "Shuttle" and the deck "Montalbano". This will allow crew to shift around the ship, engage in boarding actions against enemy ships and play SSO base sets against each other for games including up to 12 players.

Bio-Dome: including the locations "Experimental Bio-Dome" and "Pleasure Garden" and the deck "Bio-disaster", recreating another part of our ongoing 'System Shock' tribute and allowing players to have multiple threats running simultaneously.