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Alternative Rules: 7+ players and limited vision/motility players for SSO

There are a few alternative ways of playing SSO not outlined in the Main Rules for various reasons, they are listed here.

7+ players: SSO is balanced in difficulty for 1-6 players and its intense narrative style will generally not suit very large groups or "party game" play. That said, there is no technical reason 7-12 players can not take part. Later expansions will allow sets to be combined to accommodate any number of players.

To play a single base set with 7+ players, deal each player 1 face up crew card during set up and pool the face down cards such that any player may unfreeze any crew member during a death phase provided there are still face down crew in the pool. Do not increase oxygen levels beyond the red 12 during set up. With increased crew the ease of completing missions while also generating extra oxygen means that extra oxygen during set up should not be necessary to maintain difficulty levels.

Reduced Vision/Motility: SSO is symbol and name identified rather than just colour and can generally be played "open" provided at least one player is able to manipulate and read cards and counters, they can perform tasks for other players. The only elements which may remain problematic are the movement phase and voting hidden choices. However as is clear in single player mode the game works perfectly well with all players being fully aware of all other player's choices.

To play fully "open", play all movement cards face up, treating unresolved movement cards as face down for rules purposes. Place voting tokens to the left or right of players instead of in left or right hands. When playing in this fashion players should honestly try to play co-operatively and should consider themselves successful only if at least half as many crew finish the game as were present at set up.

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