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Collecting SDJ: Part 2

Next I found Enchanted Forest (1982) which is an awful game, and paid £18 for it and two other games, Ghost Party and Spy Ring. Enchanted Forest is easily the worst of the three. Ironically, Spy Ring is actually pretty ok. It does mean that for £6 at best Enchanted Forest is one of my more expensive SDJ buys, for almost certainly the worst game. And I saw it a week later in another charity shop for £1.

On the subject of charity shop pricing, this over pay for Enchanted Forest was my own fault, since I saw it in the stock room rather than a shelf and asked for a price. Most charity shops are fair and sensible but certain shops have started over pricing their games. I saw Scotland Yard in a charity shop labelled for £12 because that's what it cost on E-Bay. Now, I understand and respect that charities have a duty to raise the maximum money possible, but an unsold boardgame is clearly raising nothing. Aside from that the E-Bay pricing was at the highest end of the scale, and the person who finds Scotland Yard on E-Bay searched for it specifically, they didn't spot it underneath a pile of 6 jigsaw puzzles. Not to mention that E-Bay has millions of people passing through each day. On top of all that Scotland Yard is available new for £19.99 from a chain store that provides a loyalty card meaning that I ended up paying £8 for a new copy.

I love Scotland Yard (1983). Previously the only hidden movement game in my collection was Pandemic with the Bio Terrorist expansion, though I had played others. Which is odd because