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Kickstarting The Easy Way

This is a blog outlining my personal experiences with SSO, which is both my first Kickstarter project and my first independent table top game. As such it is mostly full of personal opinions and prejudices and should not be taken as anything more than one man's opinion. I found prior to my Kickstarter that very little of the available advice was useful to me as a low budget, independent games designer.

I acknowledge that having engaged in only one Kickstarter campaign makes me far from expert but I hope to offer reassurance to other independent designers who, like me, might well be thinking success is only possible by matching up to the advertising and campaign presentation of significantly higher budget, bigger name campaigns.

Our final campaign status was £8,919 from 508 backers, amounting to 148% backing on our £6,000 goal over a 35 day campaign. We were 49% backed in our first 12 hours and fully backed in 11 days. I am Glenn Ford and my last project prior to SSO was the Osprey games blue book Gaslands.