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Kickstarting The Easy Way: Road Map To Success

To make it again clear by "success" here I mean "a position to launch your self-designed game without bankrupting yourself". My original intention with SSO was to design, print and launch it from my own pocket, selling it via a website and conventions. I was some way into the process when a designer friend convinced me to launch a Kickstarter. Despite that I don't believe I would have done a great deal differently apart from spend a little more money, which I don't think I would have needed to, on the Kickstarter campaign. I would strongly recommend launching a Kickstarter, there is little to lose by doing so, I run my Kickstarter during the final stages of production such that running it didn't even alter my original schedule. There are a series of steps I took which I would recommend anyone follows and I hope by detailing them to assist other independent designers. Just to reiterate we are entirely UK based and all advice may alter depending on your location, particularly that relating to tax and law.

I've written before about selecting a prototype for production and don't intend to do so again. Having selected SSO as a suitable prototype I contacted several manufacturers for quotations on minimum print runs for a game to the rough specifications I required. SSO consists of 72 standard sized cards, 1 double sized card, 2 sheets of punch board tokens, a rule book and a box (post-Kickstarter it had another card and a plastic poker chip added following completed stretch goals). I requested quotes from: LongPack Games, Pa