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CE Marking: False Loopholes and Mistakes

This article is intended as a continuation of my blog "CE Marking in Boardgames Advice", where I go into the process of achieving CE marking in some detail. As a short overview the CE mark is a European Union safety mark which can be placed on products prior to sale to the public to show that they are safe for use. It takes the form of a "CE" on products and stands for European Conformity ( specifically Conformité Européenne).

I've noticed on various boardgame based forums and groups people asking if they can avoid CE marking and what loopholes to use when doing so. Worse, I've seen replies coming in that state avoiding marking is in some way desirable. I'm going to address a couple of the claims I've seen in those replies and attempt to make the argument for CE marking here.

The first thing I've heard mentioned a lot is the 14+ age limit and that it makes marking unnecessary, now this is both true and untrue, which is when people should be at their most careful. Its true tha