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CE Marking: Reading Your Report

Since our blogs on CE marking are getting a fairly regular flow of hits its clear that this is something people are hungry for information about. As a proud owner of my very own CE Testing Report I'm now privy to information that could be valuable to share.

For those reading this blog totally unaware of what CE marking is please follow the link to our previous blogs on this subject: CE Marking In Boardgames Advice. As a short overview the CE mark is a European Union safety mark which can be placed on products prior to sale to the public to show that they are safe for use. It takes the form of a "CE" on products and stands for European Conformity ( specifically Conformité Européenne).

Firstly, I'm not going to quote specific chunks of my report or post it directly. This is simply because I haven't attained permission from my testing center to do so (I don't know of any resources showing sample reports, if anyone does please either let me know or attach a link in the comments).

Secondly, please note that your lovely technical report means nothing without the attached risk assessment documentation. The