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Barcoding: QR Codes and ISBN Numbers

I've written a few blogs on barcoding and for details readers should refer to them. In short you will need to barcode your game if you want to enter distribution, sell in shops or on certain on-line retailers such as Amazon. While you can generate code images for free, to cover your code against overlap will require you to register and pay a yearly fee with your local arm of GS1. Two alternative approaches have caused some confusion with this concept, QR codes and ISBN numbers and it is to clarify their position that I'm posting this blog.

QR Codes

While a barcode is able to store information equivalent to around 13-18 numbers, depending on your product and region, QR codes can hold information that while not unlimited is enough to practically be so. For this reason the odds of QR codes overlapping by chance is incredibly small. Therefore some producers feel QR codes should replace barcodes, while it is possible that QR codes are the future there are a few reasons that they are not currently a replacement for barcodes.