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Useful Pages and Blogs

No designer stands alone and there are a wide selection of blogs we at Man O' Kent refer to ourselves. I'm not going to recommend bloggers or blog streams as such but want to recommend some specific blogs we go back to again and again. This blog will be updated from time to time.

First of all Entro Games' excellent blog about where to find free to use images. If you do any Print and Plays or producing prototypes for pitching, this is an invaluable resource.

Martin Krzywinski Science and Art includes this excellent blog with examples and resources for checking your game in reference to different forms of colour blindness. Its pretty simple to make your game compatible for people with colour blindness.

If you are reading this blog without having read Jamey Stegmaier's then either I've gotten a lot bigger since posting this or something very odd has happened. Either way of all Jamey's posts this is the one I keep going back to. If nothing else its the source of the crowdfunding "Friendly Shipping" logos.

Finding out the cost of import duty and tax for shipping to a particular country for your level of reward can be a major task especially when it means you have to dig through government websites that are not optimised to be viewed outside of their given country. Thanks to the facebook groups UK Tabletop Kickstarters and Board Game Design Lab Community here are two free resources for making the jobs easier.

Simply Duty - This gives you 5 free checks per day of a specific price to a specific country and tells you the exact duty for that price.

Easy Ship - This tells you the import tax percentages and taxation trigger levels for any country you pick. You have to do the specific maths yourself but its nice to know what the ceiling is even if you don't hit it.

Good for anyone starting a Kickstarter but excellent for total novices looking to get their first prototype all the way to post-Kickstarter fulfillment. Gate Keeper Gaming has 20 or so very handy blogs written in a very approachable manner.

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