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T.I.M.E. Stories: Lumen Fidei

Players: 2-4

Age: 12+

Teaching Time: 20 mins

Playing Time: 90 mins per session

Setup Time: 20 mins

Value For Money: Mid

Luck: Low

Complexity: Mid

Strategy: Mid

Price: £21.99

Recommended: Yes


Solo Play Review

Lumen Fidei is my favorite T.I.M.E. Stories scenario so far. It shows everything the series and concept is capable of in the hands of a designer interested and willing to push it to the limits of what it can do. It uses a range of innovative elements in particular those mapping the character's piety and heresy. With the game set in the Spain of the 17th century, this makes total thematic sense to be a central element with religious standing defining most aspects of life in this era, it also does so in the game causing player choices to define the objects they can use and the routes they can take through the game and even its ending. The other aspects are mainly tweaks already used in other installments of the series but brought together effectively in this scenario. For example, it uses the multiple chapter packs used in Expedition: Endurance or Estrella Drive and the sort of active allies first used in the Marcy Case but cleverly ties them into the scenario's progression. It also includes maps with intelligent and thematic puzzles as found in A Prophecy of Dragons.

The plot is just what you would want, involving Templar mysteries, dungeons and sinister rituals among other things. It also includes one of the best "big" extended puzzles of the series.

The scenario does have a few points relating to the overall T.I.M.E. Stories story arc meaning that it will make more sense if played at the very least after A Prophecy of Dragons. Other than that I would suggest it be the first T.I.M.E. Stories scenario you play.

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