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Kickstarting the Easy Way: Designing for Kickstarter

Running a Kickstarter is a very specific skill and its hard to learn without doing, if you’re putting a game onto Kickstarter its entirely possible that you don’t have that skill, hopefully though you do have the skill of designing games. Plenty of designers have a single idea which is their passion and their baby and that’s great, but this blog won’t be of much help to them. However, if you have a range of prototypes that you’re considering and you’re flexible on your game’s content and nature this might be helpful since its suggesting how you can design to increase your chances of Kickstarter success.

Why You Should Redesign

Increase your chances of Kickstarter success

If you’re a game designer rather than an artist or a miniatures sculptor then the main thing your skill can effect are the mechanics and game content of your game. Using that to widen your games appeal, make it clearer on a first notice and attract backers will increase your chances of success.