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Moonflight Development: The Moon is High

The Harvest Moon by George Mason

So I’ve just come back from UK Games Expo, which was a great experience, I’ve been able to watch members of the public playing Moonflight for the first time and the response has been fantastic and I’ll write about that later but something else occurred to me at various points. Specifically, how the game has changed over its development. This stuck out for me because on the stand I had a stack of leaflets that we wrote back during SSO fulfillment so we could send it out with rewards, and a standee that I wrote for the first convention I attended once I had a first set of card art back. As such I spent three days looking at a series of sentiments about Moonflight that weren’t one hundred percent true and I thought I’d look at why and how they’re no longer true. So the leaflet reads:

“Moonflight is a two player oppositional deck builder with a high degree of player interaction but it is also a new concept, the deck un-builder, which allows for extended engine usage and accelerated end game scoring.”

It also refers to the Jacks as Dukes because there was a while when I refe