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Graphic Designers and Artists for Independent Designers

Most people in most of their lives have very little contact with Graphic Designers and Illustrators or Artists and so when they come to design and publish their own game they will generally go through a pretty sharp learning curve about this part of the process. This blog is pretty much everything I’ve learned about art and design to hopefully smooth that curve out a little.

Which is who?

First of all, a couple of definitions. Artists or illustrators are different from Graphic designers. While they might crossover its very rare to find someone who does both so its best to know what it is that they do before you start. Artists or illustrators create artwork. They make the actual pictures by drawing things for you, character art and box illustrations. Graphic designers take the images the illustrators create and put them together with other properties to prepare the art files for printing. Card frames and icons might be created by either depending on the feel you’re looking for and the preferences or talents of the artist in question. In short, the illustrator creates good looking pictures and the graphic designer turns them into game cards. Your illustrator will need ask for mood boards and reference images. Your graphic designer will need you to pick a font (prepare to obsess over fonts) and ask for more bleed (you will learn what bleed is. You will always need more of it).