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Players: 2-4

Age: 8+

Teaching Time: 10 mins

Playing Time: 30-45 mins

Setup Time: 10 mins

Value For Money: Mid

Luck: Low

Complexity: Mid

Strategy: Mid

Price: £35

Recommended: Sure


Winning the Spiel Des Jahres means increased sales for a game, a lot of increased sales actually. For a designer it can mean that they’ve just poured rocket fuel into their career, for some it can also mean that they’re set making versions of the award-winning game for the rest of their career. Alan R. Moon has been happily putting Ticket to Ride versions out for some time now, and splendid they be. Sometimes its not clear how great an idea it is, with Azul there are now two ‘sequels’, its suggested to be a trilogy rather than an endless series, but those sequels are very much variations on the theme rather than expansions. Different enough that you might not like them if you like Azul, same enough that you probably won’t if you don’t. Still, that’s opening with a digression in what is ultimately a review of Azul, the very popular tile laying SDJ winner from 2018.

Gameplay is the sort of simply complex situation th