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Blame, fault and responsibility and Kickstarter creators

I’ve taken more shots at writing this blog than most that I post. That’s probably because my nature is often aggressive and discursive, and that can be divisive, which isn’t what I want this blog to be. I want this blog to be about coming together, so I will try to make it that. There is, sometimes, a tendency on the part of some Kickstarter creators, when things go slightly wrong, which they often do, to approach their responsibility in a manner that is defensive rather than open. A drive to defend against accepting blame in a manner that stops them from taking responsibility.

I don’t think that backers are looking to blame a creator when things go slightly wrong. When things go badly wrong, when money is taken and projects never delivered on, possibly then. In my experience though even when things get to that point, if an honest attempt was made to provide what was offered, if all that was done to make right that could be, backers are more understanding that creators might expect and more often than not want closure on their failed projects more than a figure to lynch. Backers are looking for a competent figure to take responsibility for failings and offer guidance towards success.