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Collecting SDJ: Part 6

For those who have been following this largely masochistic project, which is to collect, play and review all of the winners of the Spiel Des Jahres, you’ll have noticed something of a slow down in the rate of pick-up. As stated at the start I’ve decided to not just go out and order them online whenever I like, I’m either picking them up second hand or having them given to me as gifts. At first picking them up in second hand shops claimed a lot of the easier options, plus I snagged a good few in convention bring and buys. For some reason the smaller cons have stopped providing me with options there (though UKGE keeps playing a blinder) so a lot of the progress is now down to the traditional gift giving seasons.

So, this Christmas we had Qwirkle and Just One turn up. Qwirkle is a surprisingly sweet game, and still on full release in a range of FLGSs, hence it making an easy pick for family gift giving season, I’ve already played it enough to put together a review, which is up. Just One is an odd game to be SDJ winner in 2019 frankly, I’ve also reviewed it, it saw the table a lot through the festive season, but mainly so I could justify writing a review rather than any real love for the game. Its oddly unlovable really, on almost any level.

As an update for those keeping score (which may just be me) that means that at present of the 41 Spiel winners so far I’ve picked up 26 of them and reviewed 19, so pretty close to the half way mark. I’ll keep you updated on the ongoing progress.


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