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Graphic Design for people who don’t know anything about graphic design

Right off the bat, I want to make very clear, this is in relation to designing your Kickstarter page only. Unless you're a professional do not do your own graphic design on your game itself, the money you ‘save’ will be spent several times over with needing to re-do files over and over, and even when you manage it, they’ll likely not look up to standard. Your Kickstarter page is a different beast though, you can get away with designing it yourself, it has a real limit on what you can do and on what is a good idea to do. You can get to a reasonable level from being self-taught on this side of things, I’ve certainly picked things up as I’ve gone along and have got to a sufficient level to get projects funded on Kickstarter. At the very least, if you’re operating alone and looking to save money, you’ll want to know the basics of making banners and graphics to present your page at its best.

Technical basics

First of all, get yourself some image manipulation software, gImp is free to download and will cover you perfectly well for the basics. It doesn’t really matter which one you use so long as it has the ability to work in layers with variable opacity, transparency, configurable grids and at the very least drop shadows. If you’re not sure if the program you’re using has those features try the following:

Load up an image, then load as a layer a second image and lower the opacity of the new image until you can see the first image through it.

Open a transparent layer, write something on it in a light colour, then apply a drop shadow to help pick it out.