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Greenville 1989

Players: 3-6

Age: 16+

Teaching Time: 5 mins

Playing Time: 20-45 mins

Setup Time: 5 mins

Value For Money: Mid

Luck: Mid

Complexity: Mid

Strategy: Low

Price: £27

Recommended: Yes


Generally, I’ve been trying to keep my reviews here to one of a handful of types of games. Legacy games, because I noticed that I’d played them all and was tired of reading reviews that repeated the issues with Legacy games rather than the strengths of a particular game as a Legacy game. Spiel Des Jahres winners because I’ve committed to studying them as a designer and felt I might have something interesting to say on them, and because once you review one you have to go completionist don’t you? Then games that relate to whatever I’m designing at the moment, so deck builders recently. But when I originally started these reviews it was because I wanted to give recognition to games that I felt didn’t have as much notice as they deserved, its just been a while since I’d seen one, then I played Greenville 1989 which certainly qualifies under those conditions.