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Just One

Players: 3-7

Age: 8+

Teaching Time: 2 mins

Playing Time: 20 mins

Setup Time: 1 min

Value For Money: Low

Luck: Mid

Complexity: Low

Strategy: Low

Price: £18

Recommended: No


So, 2018 saw Azul win the Spiel Des Jahres, the year before it was Kingdomino, smart games that while being very much gateway games were games that hardcore tabletop gamers would happily sit down for. As such maybe it was only fair that in 2019 the winner was Just One, a game that feels like it was almost certainly played in one version or another in a Victorian parlor.

Gameplay is as simple as it comes. One player picks a random card and displays it in a manner that everyone else can see but they cannot (on a neat little