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Kickstarter isn’t any one thing

I’ve been trying to figure out quite how to present this blog for some time now, and in truth the underlying idea is something that I’ve said several times in different blogs, but I’ve been struggling how best to put it in one single blog. The underlying idea is, however, that Kickstarter isn’t any one thing. Kickstarter is a marketplace, it’s a gathering point of people with the willingness to spend money on things of a type that you might be offering with the facilities to allow for that money to be taken and processed. That means two important things. Firstly, that there isn’t a single set of advice that’s true for everyone, certainly any advice that opens by stating that Kickstarter is one single thing is highly unlikely to be useful to you. Secondly, that because its lots of different things, acting as though it can or will be the parts of those things that you want it to be when you want it to be them just because you want it to be them is therefore a sure route to failure.

Kickstarter isn’t a pre-order system

The thing of this type that I most often hear stated about Kickstarter is that it is a pre-order system. It can be used as a pre-order system, but that doesn’t make it one, any more than the internet is a pre-order system because it can be used as one or my shoe is a hammer because I can use it to bang a nail in with it. There are companies that produce a game totally fr