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Playing on Tabletop Simulator

I would think that what I say in this blog goes for Tabletopia also, I wouldn’t know specifically as I’ve not played on both platforms, but I don’t see any reason it would alter. I play on Tabletop Simulator (TTS) because that was the one that a friend was using, rather than from any inherent belief in the superiority of one platform over another. There are also other digital tabletops other than those two, and I’m not disparaging any of them either.

I was resistant to playing on TTS at first. I went to a regular gaming club and I got my fair share of additional gaming at conventions and the like, so I really saw no reason to pay for the right to be allowed to play games on a digital table with strangers. My opinion was first shifted when I saw how cheap, simple and convenient it made showing off a prototype game to playtesters and potential backers on Kickstarter, but I still wasn’t a big player myself. Then lockdown hit and I’m seeing the genuine upsides to digital tabletops, so I want to offer some encouragement to people who have avoided it so far on some reasons to give it a try.

It gets easier

The first thing I’ll say is, stick with it. The first time I played a game on TTS it felt like playing with boxing gloves on while using chopsticks, and I’ve heard something similar from friends for their first experience. Now, in my case I put together two full mods before my second game on TTS, but I imagine the same effect can be gotten by playing two or three normal games, and the inconvenience drops off pretty quickly. There will still be odd things that pop up, good luck dealing off the bottom of a deck if you use a Mac apparently, things will drop through other things every so often, stick to walls and accidentally disappear into bags, but as a rule you’ll find it not far worse than normal play fairly soon. I’ll also say that the residual weirdnesses that do crop up are generally outweighed by the real convenience of scripting on events and one click shuffles or quick deals. If you still can’t get it after four or so full games it might not stick with you, but don’t abandon it because the first game was slow and weird.

So near no matter how far