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The Dunning kruger effect and Kickstarter creators

There is a psychological phenomena much quoted in relation to the worst kind of Kickstarters, its something called the Dunning Kruger effect, and if you intend to become a Kickstarter creator its probably a good idea for you to do a little self-analysis in relation to it.

Strictly speaking the Dunning Kruger effect is a combination of two viewpoints of the world, namely that smart people assume that they are average, and so that by extension that around half of all other people are smarter than them and that dumb people lack sufficient understanding to know how dumb they are. That is to say, both smart people and dumb people inaccurately judge their own intelligence, and that maps over to other areas of life and judgements on ability. If you’re one of the smart people things generally shake out for you, they’re the people who are constantly baffled by why everything seems so easy for them. If you’re one of the dumb ones though, there’s a decent chance that your Kickstarter is headed for the Board Game Geek worst ever Kickstarters thread.

The problem for those who find themselves on the dumb end of the Dunning Kruger effect is that knowing how capable you are is a form of capacit