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The Kickstarter brief: Design

I recently wrote a blog about games with roll and move mechanics on Kickstarter which seemed to garner two general schools of response, one being “surely people don’t seriously attempt to launch roll and move based games in this day and age” and the other being “it surely doesn’t mean certain failure to release a roll and move game on Kickstarter”. Firstly, yes, they absolutely do, on average about twice a month, but there are spikes. Secondly, I’m not saying that it does mean certain failure, but what it does do is make the work of funding much harder. There are many things that make a successful Kickstarter, and the game itself is just one of those parts, but there are certain features that make life much easier when trying to sell a game on Kickstarter. Try to think of some of these parts as a design brief, you don’t need to follow them 100%, but considering a brief when designing can often make the game that results better and the designer that makes it better also. So here are some things to bear in mind when writing your Kickstarter game’s design brief, they are not absolute rules, but they are worth bearing in mind.

Things To Avoid

Unfashionable Mechanics (or at least, their appearance)