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Turing - Designer’s Diary Part 1 – Concept and intro

So, it’s been a weird 12 months, to say the least. My intention 12 months ago was to be well on the way to launching a storytelling game called Song Of Tales on Kickstarter. We’ve got most of the artwork locked down, which is a large part of the investment, and traditionally is what slows down most of our Kickstarter releases. However, the current situation has really taken the knees out from our playtesting schedule, particularly for a game that’s about sharing tales with mechanics around moving a shared marker. Additionally, I’m not totally confident that people would react well to a game about relaxing around a table and telling stories with friends right now. As such, we’ve taken the decision to put back the release of Song Of Tales.

However, we’re not going to be sitting back and doing nothing. For one thing fulfillment for Rage Of Montalbano is going to be running until May or June most likely so that will be keeping us fairly busy along with some (good) personal changes at home. In addition, Rage has meant that we will be selling out of our initial SSO print run, so we’ll be going back to Kickstarter to fund a re-print once the fulfillment is complete, along with a new Challenge Deck expansion. We were planning on doing more of a humble project towards the end of the year, something pocket sized that we could use to start upping our cycle of releases, it looks like that something is going to be quite a major release for us now, and that something is Turing.