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Turing Designer’s Diary Part 2 – Image and language

So, the central idea for Turing is that a series of abstract images will be presented to players. I’d been knocking the concept around for a while having come up with a prototype a few years ago that worked just fine, the issue was that Turing was always going to be a little pocket game, but it was a little pocket game that needed an absolute minimum of 40 or 50 pieces of unique full colour artwork, which was never going to come close to making financial sense. I’d been kicking around ideas for dealing with this and for a while was thinking of using the artwork I’ve built up over time from other games. The issue is that striking game artwork is generally not that abstract, and game artwork is also too strongly themed to allow for much interpretation of patterns which is pretty central to the concept of Turing.

The solution seems to have come from a site called Pixabay that I’ve been using for print and plays and prototyping for a while now. This is a fantastic site where artists can post work available free for commercial usage. The trade off is that you don’t get to ask for what you want so it’s been a long process of picking out suitable images and going back and forth on thinning them down or building them up. I’ve arrived at a list of images that I’m happy with and a set of artists to credit for their fantastic work, while the images have been offered free with a request for links back, we’ll be donating payments to the artists based on the success of the Kickstarter.