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What size project are you?

There is a lot of advice and opinions on Kickstarter creation in the world, and a lot of it is directly contradictory. Further, a lot of it is impossible, or if possible dangerous, for some creators. How can that be the case? Well, depending on the size of your project and its intentions what’s good advice or not can vary drastically. I’ve heard creators of small projects wishing they had spent more going into projects on the basis that it would have made them into big projects, and I simply don’t think that’s the case, larger projects tend to need support and infrastructure in several areas and tend to need to exist in a more inter related way.

To put it another way, a large project needs more time and more people to support it, the longer you spend on a project and the more people you hire onto it, the more money it needs to make to be worth the investment. If you lack the skills and capacity to scale the project up in that way those choices meant to result in greater returns can simply create greater risk. Decide what skills you think you have, what your aims are, and build your project accordingly. More importantly, take your advice from people offering advice for your size of project, and as the sort of project they’re talking about differs more from your vision, listen to them less. The sort of advice that is useful to $30k+ project is not always immediately applicable to an under $10k humble project.

You're not in competition with every other project on Kickstarter, you're not even in the same business as all the other projects on Kickstarter. Other people need th