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What to do Post launch: Kickstarting the Easy way

You’ve set up your page and tested your game to oblivion, you’ve got your fulfilment company ready to go and you’ve priced your full logistics chain out. You’re ready to hit launch, but you don’t know what the next 48hrs will bring. Firstly, calm yourself, no-one dies. Secondly, there are a few things you can be prepared with and for.


Kickstarter has an option for posting FAQS, essentially these are additional pages for your Kickstarter in which you can explain things that are important but boring or relevant to a smaller group of people than your standard backer. To be honest, you should be answering the really frequently asked questions about product, price and shipping in your page, but there’s not a universally accepted acronym for ‘Infrequently Asked But Important Questions’. You might be worried about what to put in them and when to do it. Firstly, there’s not the strong correlation between the number of FAQs that a project has and its success that there is with the number of updates and comments that it has, and the Kickstarter algorithms certainly don’t weight them particularly FAQs. So, not putting anything in FAQs is totally reasonable. Secondly, I think the number of times I’ve seen a question asked and usefully answered by virtue of a FAQ on Kickstarter is practically nil, so don’t think that you’re going to have a storm of the same questions and need to frantically write an FAQ to cover it. Remember, you can still edit your main page after launch, so you’re more likely to make changes to answer really frequently asked questions right on the main page. There are a few things that come up fairly regularly that don’t belong on your main page though, so you can write FAQs for those ahead of time: