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Pitch and Yaw: Under Sail

Pitch and Yaw is the first of what will eventually be a series of short miniatures skirmish games. It is a fast moving game of asymmetrical boarding actions intended to be played over two rounds, with players taking turns as both defender and attacker. There are a range of pirate themed skirmish games available but Pitch and Yaw stands out by including the effects of a dynamically shifting battle field as would be experienced fighting a combat action on a ship in the open seas.

The free version comes with two forces, the unruly and close combat leaning Pirates, and the disciplined and long range inclined Navy. In the full version they are joined by the reckless and numerous Tribes, and the skilled and elite Privateers. Play consists of selecting a hand full of crew and a captain, the attacker seeks to search the ship before the defender can take sufficient toll on their numbers to force a surrender, then players re-set, swap sides and play again. Turns see players activating their crew to move and attack before the ship shifts sending all unsecured objects and crew careening across the deck and possibly into the briny deep.

For those interested in playtesting and development, the Privateers, an elite close combat force (taking inspiration from Errol Flynn and The Princess Bride) were originally the Trillians,