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Getting The Best Out of BGG for Kickstarter Creators

I’ve seen creators asking how to get the best out of BoardGameGeek, the primary boardgame fan site online, and it has to be said, it’s a place with a steep learning curve. It has a lot to offer, but its not always obvious how to get at it, so I’ll try to express my opinions on it and offer what help I can here. Before I start, Boardgame Geek is a resource, but also a form of social media, so all the advice that I’ve given on social media stands there, also, Gatekeeper Gaming have an excellent blog on the basics of getting on with BGG, though I will go over some of their points here.

Cover the Basics

BGG is a huge resource, full of helpful people and absolutely tons of articles and documents that tell you in some details the rules of the site and how to get set up on it. Since the rules are clear and reasonable, users and admins don’t have a huge amount of patience with people who break them, so take a few minutes scanning those rules over and learning the basics of how the site works. The main rule here is that you will get out of BGG what you put into it.