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Kickstarter Rules

Which is to say, the rules set by Kickstarter, rather than an exclamation that Kickstarter is very splendid (not to say that it isn’t). I’ve sat down to write this blog a couple of times now, and I find myself struggling. It was just recently that I realised that the reason I’ve been having a hard time with it is that those rules are themselves worryingly nebulous. Now, I’m a Kickstarter Creator, and I expect to be for at least the next couple of years. I couldn’t bring out games anything like as rapidly as I currently do without Kickstarter to cover launch costs. As such, I’m not certain how I feel biting the hand that feeds me, that said, I have a vested interest in bringing up problems that I feel may be starting to undermine backer’s trust in the platform.

In talking about this issue I’m going to use examples, these are entirely anecdotal and I’ll avoid using specifics, but I feel they illustrate the points at hand. The central point, however, is that for every one of these examples there are just as many counter examples, for every suspension there is no action taken whatsoever for the exact same activity. I want to cover three specific rules to begin with though.


Kickstarter rules forbid a creator self-funding. On Kicktraq you can see not just a project’s daily total of funding, but you can also see its daily total of backers. Now, I’ve had unusual days of funding because friends of mine have drop a hundred pounds into my project when I was within a percent or two of funding before, there are funding totals that can sit a little outside of the norm. However, I’ve also watched projects that have picked up thousands from a single backer either for early funding or late. I know of at least one project th