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Negativity exists – The tricky relationship of Kickstarter Creator and Backer

Let me just open by saying, I believe in people. I think that on the whole they are smart and generous, kind and decent. Personally, I’m a pretty optimistic character, I think that to try to make a career in tabletop games and launch on Kickstarter specifically you probably have to be. That might sounds like an introduction that’s leading up to a but, and it sort of is, though not entirely. I also believe that it is when a person can do nothing for you or to you their following actions show you what sort of person they truly are. The majority of interactions one has over the internet are with people that you can neither help or hurt, and so people feel licensed to act however they actually want to. With that in mind, over the thousands of interactions that I’ve had with hundreds and hundreds of backers and players of games I’ve worked on I’d say that the number of honestly bad interactions I’ve had I can count on one hand. Which is probably part of why I believe in people.

All that said, there are bad interactions, pure and unbridled negativity can happen and it can be hard to handle when it does. I want to write in this blog about some of the reasonable rules of behaviour around various issues for both backers and creators and try to suggest some methods for dealing with negativity.

Answer Now!

One thing that triggers both sides at various points is speed of response time. The issues here are not hard to understand, on the end of creators we have stories of designers being contacted over multiple channels at all times of day and night with complaints about lack of response, and on the end of backers we have creators who go totally AWOL from reasonable questions for months at a time. So here are a few conduct considerations for both sides: