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The 5 most (biographically) influential games ever!

I’m not generally a fan of list articles, and even less of ones about what games are “fact” more influential than others. Certainly, if the list is ten or fewer games, I’m fairly sure you’d have a hard time getting past folk games before you hit double figures. That said I really enjoyed Giant Brain’s recent blog on the games that most influenced them personally. I commented responding with my own top five, so feel free to save yourself time and just read that comment, but I thought I’d go into my choices a little more in this blog in case it makes interesting reading. So, these are, in no real order, the top 5 games that have had the most influence on me as a games designer.

Spitting Image The Game of Scandal

First things first, this is not a good game. Its too long (most games I played clocked in at well over two hours and I don’t remember ever finishing a game), involves unavoidable player elimination (and at the full six player count potentially elimination an hour or more before the end of the game) and involves a few loophole rules that gives the owner and first player an excessive advantage. I think I received it as a gift when I was about 8 or 9 but in retrospect it’s a pretty weird gift for a small child to get, it must have been expensive for the time and a lot of the humour in the game is quite grown up. I don’t remember being a huge fan of Spitting Image at the time and I suspect that this was a game that got handed on to me from either my parents or older brother because it was a little more complex an