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Legends: Making Tales

Legends is the second in our series of short miniatures skirmish games. It is a fast moving game of extreme events struggled over by individuals of improbable power.

The free version comes with the basic rules for playing the game and a single all out battle scenario. In the full version this is expanded with 5 additional scenarios to allow play that is not directly confrontational and a set of upgrades to build your favourite super heroes or super team. Play consists of grabbing a few suitable models and finding something to play as their Gotham or Metropolis. Turns see players performing actions to gain heroic momentum that they can eventually turn against their opponents. More heroic acts gain greater power but risk greater loss. Doing things in the most heroic fashion, rather than the easiest is the aim in Legends.

Legends went through some major changes during its development. Originally it was written as a reaction to another system where the abilities of miniatures grew as they performed on table actions. The first version was hugely over complicated and although immense fun to write wasn't that much fun to play. Not only was it complex but game play mostly consisted of players separately building up their powers before meeting in a single coin flip encounter. However, the escalation of events in that original version had a certain something, putting me mostly in mind of movies such as Kung Fu Hustle. The idea of a system that allowed you to pick up a building and hit someone with it was clearly attractive.

With the re-write Legends was built to produce highly cinematic moments, but it could not just be a series of random extreme events, it needed a tactical element. A simple but solid risk reward push your luck system was built in allowing miniatures to gather momentum. This was important since the major difference between table top games and movies is that the hero in a movie never fires their biggest weapon in their first encounter, on the table top everybody does. In Legends you are essentially unarmed at the start of the game, you need to earn your big guns.

Legends is fast to play, simple and cinematic, everything non-essential is stripped out and everything necessary turned up to 11. It has tons of emergent game play, which was necessary since even the most simple superhero always breaks out a capacity not previously seen at some point. In Legends players can do anything they ever saw in a superhero movie if they can just put the right elements together.

Check out Legends, a game of superheroic actions, insane events and impossible abilities.

Download the free version here.

Purchase the full version for £1 in our shop here.

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