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Kickstarting the Easy Way: How Best To Not Lose Money

I've previously written blogs about some of the details of budgeting game production for Kickstarter or otherwise and there are several excellent blogs on the subject elsewhere. As such this blog is more about how to avoid losing money, or at least which money to lose and why.

There are three places where Kickstarter boardgame projects lose money, before the project, due to unit price miscalculation, and during fulfillment and I'll try to go through them but first a little bit about the economics of "losing on a Kickstarter".

How To Lose Money On Kickstarter And Why You Might Choose To

Generally its a bad idea to intentionally budget to lose money, mainly because things always cost more than you thought they would, but you might budget your Kickstarter goal to not make back everything that you spent. There seems to be a viewpoint online that gets almost angry at the idea of a Kickstarter that doesn't intend to make a significant profit beyond the spending on the project's creation. This version of budgeting is based on a business model that exists only on Kickstarter and it requires both cle