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Comment boards and your Kickstarter community.

An active Kickstarter comments board boosts your project in Kickstarter’s algorithms. But attracting people to see a comments board with complaints and negativity can be worse than an empty board. So, how important is an active comments board, and how can you get yours to be a place of support and positivity?

What matter?

An active comments board has two major areas of benefit to a campaign, its effect on algorithms and its effect on backers. The first is a relatively simple exchange, the more comments by backers there are, the further a campaign will be boosted on Kickstarter’s search pages. Its not quite that simple, but the more comments from the widest variety of backers the better. The second effect is a little more variable and also depends on the quality of the comments rather than simply the volume. Backers will check the comments section of campaigns, and even the comment sections of former campaigns. There are a range of red flags that experienced backers know to look for on those boards in relation to a Creator’s attitude, backer comments and engagement. Simple things like backer complaints about reasonable issues or delays are not red flags, rather the way that a Creator responds to them is far more likely to create long term issues.