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Fulfilment, a self-fulfilling prophecy

The single number one reason that successful Kickstarters become very unsuccessful Kickstarters is almost certainly problems with fulfilment, it’s also the problem that’s most likely to have results that will land your project on the BGG controversial Kickstarters list and wreck your chances of a second project. It is also entirely dull, often sucking the joy right out of the parts of the process that should be the most exciting, reaching your goal and getting your print run through, so you might be tempted to put it off. Do not, there is no part of the process that will have more real long-term rewards for your future happiness, the success of your game and your future hopes of home ownership than getting fulfilment right.

A lot of campaigns now seem to assume a fulfilment centre for their delivery. Fulfilment centres have their place and I’ll talk about where they do make sense, but they should not be considered a foregone conclusion, and I’d like to make the case for self-fulfilment. I’ve used both self-fulfilment and the services of a fulfilment service now so hopefully I can give both perspectives.

There are a range of things to bear in mind when deciding between self or professional fulfilment.